First game release – Arcade Reborn

For our first game we decided to go with a classic. Arcade Reborn presents “Asteroids”

We’ve been working on both games and some drawing of our prototype machine for quite a while now but we are glad to report that one of the games is finished. And it’s the first one for us.

For the first one we decided to go with a big classic. An Asteroid shooter game. You get to command your own ship, upgrade it and shoot up all those asteorids coming your way. Simple, controls are easy to learn, and most importantly fun.

We’ll be sharing a link where you can take a look at the game and get back to us with your feedback and are already looking to add another.
Any suggestions from you guys. Leave them in the comment section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Arcade Reborn Team

Tomislav Lukić

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