Arcade Reborn is now a part of StartUp Ri

Arcade Reborn is a start Up project which goal is to deliver Arcade gaming in a modern way, through modern AR(Arcade Reborn) console and original arcade style games done through modern game engines.

We have just became a part of a StartUp incubtaro in Start Up Incubator Rijeka, in Croatia and are looking forward to develope both consoles, games and our business idea.

We had a pleasure of being one of 24 teams that got accepted and with mentorship of over 40 expirienced entepreneurs we belive we will achive what we set out to do.

Hope you guys stay with us and follow our work and progress, help us with your feedback and we will do our best to deliver great products and expiriences.

Arcade Reborn Team

Tomislav Lukić

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