Great team

We like to think that we are a great bunch. Get in touch and find out.

Right Attitude

We are determined to make “Arcade Reborn” happen and would love your help to get there.

Different approach

We think Arcades have great potential. Retro console and modern games can revive them.

Clear Goal

We know what we are here to accomplish. Join us on our road to success.

Arcade Reborn

Here to take you back to the gaming glory days. Arcade Reborn is a start Up project with one clear goal.
Create an accessible and premium product which will combine retro style gaming with modern, redesigned games!


Amazing Features

  • Arcade Design

    We’re making sure the AR Machine has all the bells and whistles of a retro style machine and power of modern computing.

  • Easy to Assemble

    AR Machine is setup so it can be easily assembled and disassembled.

  • Customisable

    Colours and patterns can be customised to your preferences and favourite games.

  • Original Games

    We build our own games and have 3rd party developers joining in. Get to know all the new titles.

  • Classic Games

    We know that new games can be fun, but classic is a classic. We can make sure the machine is loaded with all the popular games you love.

  • Support

    We are here for you! Any issues or customisation that you might require, let us know and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

. . . presenting

Why Arcade Reborn

We have a setup of 3 team members at the moment, each of them with different set of skills needed to get Arcade Reborn to where we want it to be.

Arcade Reborn is a project with great potential and we firmly stand behind it. We hope you see it too.

We are working business model and plan with support from startUp Ri organisation and their mentors. We belive this has preperad us for the challenges ahead.

We belive we are on to something great with Arcade Reborn project and are putting a lof of hours and effort in to it. We had our share of obsticles and difficulties and are coming on top.

Logo intro video!

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Our Team

We have ambitious team with diverse backgrounds and skill set.

Ivan Kladaric

Hardware expert

Tomislav Lukic

Web & Marketing

Edvin Mirojevic

Founder / Team Lead

Latest News

Catch up with latest from Arcade Reborn Team!

First game release – Arcade Reborn

We've been working on both games and some drawing of our prototype machine for quite a while now but we are glad to report that one of the games is finished.

GameNight with startUp Ri

Start Up Rijeka organised a first event for all the teams that are working with them to get their startUps developed and we were very happy to attend and show off our work. 

Arcade Reborn is now a part of StartUp Ri

Arcade Reborn is a start Up project which goal is to deliver Arcade gaming in a modern way.

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As this is an ongoing project we are still working on improving a lot of our designes and plans. For that reason we count on you for support, feedback and any other comments or ideas that might help us get this project on a next level.